HE1-25 Culligan Trinidad


Advanced Filtration, Customized for Your Unique Water Treatment Needs.

Water quality can differ across regions, or even different homes and offices in the same town. This is why we developed Culligan Aqua-Cleer® water filtration. With 14 interchangeable filters we can customize the right solution specific to your water type. With Aqua-Cleer®, every glass is perfectly calibrated just for you.







13 advanced filter options – provide advanced filtration for every water problem such as lead, radium, chlorine, and arsenic 

Maintenance-free design – your Culligan Service Technician will handle everything: installation, filter change and filter disposal 

Designer faucet – elegant faucet design available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes to match every kitchen 

Large-capacity reservoir tank – high-quality tank ensures you always have plenty of Culligan drinking water available 

Space-saving design – features a streamlined design so the Aqua-Cleer System can be conveniently installed in a variety of locations 

Quality monitor – exclusive electronic monitor ensures your system is working properly 




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5 stages of water filtration allow for complete customization:

  • Sediment filters screen out large particles like sand and dirt.*
  • Carbon filters improve water’s taste and odor.*
  • Reverse osmosis filters reduce dissolved substances such as radium, lead, arsenic-5, and others.*
  • Optional specialty filters are available to protect against specific contaminants such as arsenic-3, perchlorate, and

    volatile organic compounds (VOCs).*

  • A second carbon filter ensures your drinking water is clean and fresh.

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