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Efficient Water Filtration Management


Expect high quality water when your water treatment system includes the Culligan Hi-Flo 42 filter. The Hi-Flo 42 helps meet the challenges of your changing water quality needs at variable consumption levels, reducing solids and contaminants* that affect water-using equipment performance and durability. Using the Culligan-exclusive Smart Controller you can efficiently manage your water quality.


The Hi-Flo 42 filter is part of the Culligan Matrix Solutions™ that combine durable and efficient equipment, systems experience, and technical experts who understand your unique requirements. From planning your system to installing your water treatment equipment, Culligan Matrix Solutions offer options that help deliver the quality of water to meet your needs. Contact Culligan today to learn more about the Hi-Flo 42 filter system. *contaminants may not necessarily be in your water



Simple System Integration

Global Product Platform

Flexible Configurations

Quick Delivery/Easy Installation

Exclusive Culligan Advanced Electronics
Historical Operating Data
Alarm Recognitions
US Standard and Metric Readings
Remote Monitoring Options
Telemetry Options



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