HE1-25 Culligan Trinidad


Durable High-Volume Water Filtration for Industrial Applications


The Culligan Hi-Flo 50 Filter reduces contaminants* and solids that affect equipment efficiency and water quality. Configure the system based on your requirements, adding tanks and instrumentation as your usage increases. Use the Culligan-exclusive Smart Controller to easily manage and control your filtering options. Save time and effort with an automatic timer or sensors that reliably monitor your water usage and quality without constant supervision.


The Hi-Flo 50 industrial water filter is part of the Culligan Matrix Solutions™ that combine durable and efficient equipment, systems experience, and technical experts who understand your unique requirements. From planning your system to installing your water treatment equipment, Culligan Matrix Solutions offer options that help deliver the quality of water to meet your needs. Your investment in treated water pays off when you work with the best equipment and people. Contact Culligan today to discuss your water treatment options.



Simple System Integration

Global Product Platform

Flexible Configurations

Quick Delivery/Easy Installation

Exclusive Culligan Advanced Electronics
Historical Operating Data
Alarm Recognitions
US Standard and Metric Readings
Remote Monitoring Options - Telemetry Options



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